70 Year Old Folorunsho Oyewo’s Life Lessons

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My name is Folorunsho Oyewo. I am 70years old, it is poverty that made me look like this o. I worked at Wema bank in the funds transfer/FX department. It was part of Odua Investments back in the day…

Diaryofaniajgirl: In all of your 70years, what has life taught you?

No matter how you train your children, when they grow up, they will do what they want. Before, my heart used to hurt when I see my children going astray from my teachings but …(he shrugs).

I am here now because I was a banker and did not learn anything else. I have been retired a long time and no one wants to hire an old man. I wish I had learned how to do some “handwork”. Maybe tailoring, tiling, farming, you know…

My Lady, this is a bad time for the younger ones. I wonder how people with just one job are making it now. In Europe and America, a lot of people have gardens or small farms behind their houses,even judges and bankers but to your generation, farming is a poor man’s job. You know nothing! A revolution is coming o, things will get worse, be prepared. Because your generation will be worse than the present politicians.You are more greedy and you have no pity on people


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