Be with someone who always wants to know how your day was

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During a conversation, I rarely cut people off and I always listen to understand not to respond. So I guess this guy whom I considered dating knew this and took full advantage.

This man would call me, talk about his day, his problems and challenges. I would listen, ask questions, gently proffer solutions and wait for my turn.

My turn never came. He couldn’t even bother to feign interest in what makes me thick. He just wanted to marry and be with me. Reason: “You’re pretty, a good listener, hardworking and patient with me”. Sigh…

He never asks, “how about you, how was your day” as soon as I start talking, he moves the conversation on quickly. I have to constantly ask, “are you listening?” Most times he’s not.

So one day I said “It would make me happy if you asked how my day was” I noticed it was too much effort.

Picking a sensitive and attentive male who can articulate his thoughts even if he’s not a talker and is genuinely interested in one’s life is very important. With communication, you can solve everything.

I thought hard and fast about what our future would look like, seeing as I’m a communicator. I respectfully declined his request to be in a relationship with him and I told him why. He says other girls had complained about this and he assumed I was different. BOY! BYE!!!


2 comments on “Be with someone who always wants to know how your day was

  1. Nini

    If other girls had complained about it, shouldn’t he pause to ask himself why? He’ll never be emotionally available for anyone until then. Good riddance!!!


    1. SOCHI jenny

      Don’t mind them. Instead of a man to sit and think of a way to be better, he moves around looking for a female who will manage his BS at the expense of her happiness. They will never do same for the girl. Always quick to judge her and paint himself a saint….



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