The God Factor

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God is not an invention or a story our fore fathers cooked up to create fear

The death of Jesus Christ is not a myth to me. It is real, Sometimes I don’t understand it because I have never felt that way about anyone. To put myself up for death to save someone…but I also understand it, because why else would I be so blessed and flourish despite my gross iniquities?

God is, because I have felt Him, because I have asked Him and He has guided me. I can’t be that smart, I can’t be that precise, I’m not clairvoyant, so how would I have known whom to meet, whom to stay away from, where to go, when to push and when to let go?

There is a God, And through Jesus, I try to reach Him daily, Even though I visit Instagram more than His throne, my heart leaps with gratitude, awe and Joy, knowing I’m His and this is a fact that will NEVER change


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  1. Nini

    God is so real, I’ve experienced his guiding hands and seen him make ways for me. I know he’s alive and I pray everyone will experience him.


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