Depression: My Story

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Depression: I have been there, I can personally define it

Everything is going so well, and suddenly there’s a huge stone in your chest. The weight is brought upon by a memory, pain, disappointment, unmet expectations or just boredom. As the weight becomes heavier, it becomes more difficult to fight it, so you succumb to it, crawl under your blanket and never want to get up

Then you become a spectator, watching your life go by, having no urge to get back on the field, no feelings, just emptiness. Sometimes you have to get up to go to work, or meet an appointment, so you do so. Get dressed and not remember how or why you chose the outfit, go for your meeting but wanting desperately to go back home to bed

No one is allowed to visit, calls are ignored, because once someone asks you “what is wrong” you genuinely have no answer

You grieve for nothing, you grieve for everything. You feel so exhausted, and would rather be asleep than awake

I came out of it after two weeks, because my sister, my dad and my very close friends would not give up on reaching out. It gradually dawned on me, I have so much to be grateful for, to live for, to expect and so much to do. It didnt happen overnight, but it did

I took my time, I didnt force the healing, I let it run its course, but I talked about it to people who cared. Hearing my own voice put things in perspective and gradually the fog cleared

If you know someone going though this, don’t give up on them, if you’re going through depression, I hope you read this and find your way out. Life with all its craziness shouldn’t be lived as a spectator


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  1. Anonymous

    you’re really lucky you had people to help you out of your depression. i fell into serious depression after a bad break up. i was also surrounded by bad friends whom i leaned on for support, i was in school far away from my family. hell, i had issues with my family too and i made so many bad decisions all in the name of getting my life back on track.
    my friends made me feel worthless. They abused me mentally to say a few. i couldn’t deal with the fact that i was separated from a guy i loved so much, i partied recklessly and almost toyed with my education. I’m a very smart person so i excelled academically and that success was the only thing that kept me going.
    i was depressed for more than a year and life was tough. i was so mad at the world and myself till i decided to take charge of my life. i told myself that the pity party was enough. i did some soul searching… i identified my problems and the reasons for my depression and accepted them. i read books on self love and worked on my problems one after the other. yeah, i took my time to heal.
    while i was healing, i knew i had to confess some of the bad decisions i made to my dad cause it was related to him. After my confession, i felt ashamed but i also felt relief. though, my dad was really mad at me but he also accepted me and helped me heal. in fact, we helped each other heal from the pain i caused us.
    now, I’m no longer depressed and i learned deep life lessons. i learned about the true meaning of family and i learned never to depend on anyone to make me happy (only i can make myself happy. the happiness other people cause me is just a bonus).
    Nice job #dang. you’re doing a great job. I’m a huge fan.


  2. Anonymous

    I have been depressed for as long as i can remember, i battled it on my own because i could not bring myself to admit it to anyone, i mean who would believe the “ever smiling, ball of energy” is depressed…nah. Fastforward to my first job and i knew i was heading for the rocks, i became sucidal, thank God for a friend who talked me through those crazy episodes. Let’s just say i’m a recovering depressive and it scares me. I had an episode recently after about a year, and it makes me wonder if i will ever be free from this virus eating at my very core but the good news is i’m terrified enough to seek help.



    I have a lot to say about this,depression is really a diease,we should work on,I am still depressed,and called a bipolar,most times I just stare at the world,I have hope,all will be fine



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