Yahoo, Previously Worth $125 Billion Dollars in the Year 2000 was Today Sold for $4.8 Billion to Verizon

Photo credit: Thenextweb 0 July 25, 2016 By Dang

Lesson to Learn: This shows that you have to continue reinventing yourself. Your success is not permanent unless you find ways to renew and reinvent your content, service and brand

Bye bye Yahoo, Google and all other social networks aren’t safe either. The competition is stiff and in business it is the survival of the FITTEST

Your value should be like jollof rice, It has to be Nigerian jollof, not concussion or Ghana Jollof rice. You also have to be Fanta, but never Mirinda

Stay on top of your game ALWAYS or your value will continue to decline until you are no more useful to consumers


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