Instagram: Nothing is ever as it seems

1 July 03, 2016 By Dang

Yesterday night while I was trolling Instagram I came across the make up free face of a popular celebrity. Let me tell you, it was not the image I would ever imagine seeing of her. She had bags under her eyes and then acne everywhere, even on her chest!

What?!!!! I have all these expensive creams I use day and night just to get the perfect skin like hers only to see that there’s nothing like that?! I have been duped, only that this is all on me

Instagram has made everyone’s life look perfect! Perfect husbands, wives, girlfriends, life, trips, shopping etc. All is well in the world of Instagram. Do you know that some people actually change the colour of their shoes and bags with the help of a picture edit app while we are here thinking “all these shoes in different colours #ballinggggggggggg

Why do I believe this hype? I should know better because I struggle too, I use filters, I cry, I face disappointments. Some days while I post pictures with captions like “#happy #iamblessed #goodlife” I’m telling myself ” “#sigh #Sosad #mylifeeeeeee”

I’m Not saying I’ll stop using filters but I will just accept all these deception as entertainment, a distraction from my imperfectly perfect life. Life as I know it is not all rosy, for ANYONE! So post away, filter away, nothing wrong with that, just so we are all Clear, Instagram is our entertainment play ground, nothing is as it seems


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  1. Kannie

    He he he he he so true. This got me,’Some days while I post pictures with captions like “#happy #iamblessed #goodlife” I’m telling myself ” “#sigh #Sosad #mylifeeeeeee”. Lol. I have not even being able to post anything for a while on social media cos f dis same reason. #sigh



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