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Mo Abudu is a TV host and the first woman on the African continent to own a pan-African TV channel (Ebony life TV).

Nigeria is a tough place for the media, I can only imagine how hard and tirelessly she must work to keep this network running. Waiting to hear from sponsors, keeping contents and shows relevant to viewers, how do people even watch TV these days with the emergence of smart phones and online streaming?.

Who really needs all that headache when she could have stayed successful as a Human Resource specialist and a TV host?I am sure she was making enough money to live well above the middle class. But, she had not reached her goal, and having enough money to get by wasn’t her definition of success.

She knew she wanted more, so she spilled tears, blood and sweat for her ideas and passion to come into fruition. She knew she deserved more, so she kicked down doors to go get it. It took her a while, but the world eventually took notice.

I am not only proud of her but extremely inspired, to chase my dreams and not see money as the only evidence of success. To not be comfortable in my situation and leave my entire life hanging on the decisions of humans. To take my life and passion more seriously and not see hard work as suffering but a process to achieve greatness.

“Be ready to do twice the work for half the usual reward. Take the regular harassment and other obstacles… in stride. In fact, be prepared for them. Be prepared … to be told you are not good enough… Work with your passion, let it consume and drive you. Do not be distracted.

On down days, it will keep you going. Also, surround yourself with like minds. In fact, you should exhaustively curate those who will go along with you on your journey. I can’t say that enough.” MO Abudu


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