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Tiwa Savage and Tbillz Marital Woes: They Both Deserve Each Other

Whatever was going on in their marriage is between both husband and wife, I honestly hope they find happiness in their own way. However, based on their social media rants, where none of them refused to take the high road, I have come to the conclusion that both husband and wife are tell tales and deserve each other

First let’s discuss Teebillz attempt to commit suicide. It was so dramatic it came out as attention seeking rather than a cry for help. If truly he’s a drug addict then his behaviour is even more acceptable than attaching it to depression. Other celebrities have quietly committed suicide without fuss. And to make things worse, he decided to end his wife’s career to make himself feel better

To me, Teebillz came across as a man who would take everyone with him on his way down. If he had a huge effect on Tiwa’s rise to stardom, he did not single handedly keep her there.

She is talented and hard working, writes her own songs and squeezed her way through even after he stopped being her manager

No matter what anyone says about Toke Makinwa, let’s give it to her, she is a very wise young woman. While we heard rumors flying around about her marriage, she refused to bash the man who obviously did her wrong. Her career is soaring , her life is better and people have moved on!

Let’s compare it to Tiwa Savage’s interview: She tied a scarf, wore a rumpled tshirt in a blatant attempt to evoke sympathy, but in all these, she remembered to use a mild foundation and drew her eye brow in a perfect arch. Manipulation of the highest form, DISGUSTING!

To those who are thinkers, watch the interview again, she answered more questions than she was asked. And revealed way too much than was needed. She should have sent out a press release, addressed what’s necessary and stayed as classy as most of us thought she was

I feel terrible for anyone who is or was in a bad marriage but I respect those who fight and win in silence. 

There’s so much wisdom in mystery, obviously the BALOGUNS know nothing about thisTWEET THIS QOUTE

Toke Makinwa Tweets: Marry A Man Whose Vision Has Already Materialized

Dear Toke,

I agree that our experience sometimes shape our opinion. It is understandable if you hold this stance, however it is very misleading. Except your definition of “let his vision materialize” is different from mine.

If Michelle Obama had waited for Barack’s vision to be president to materialize, she wouldn’t be First Lady today. I’ll tell you the woman who’ll be the First Lady.

The woman who sees beyond the now. A woman whose vision is aligned with his, who sees the work he is putting in and trusts that hard work, determination and consistency always pays. A woman who is doing her own thing and understands what “process” is because she has gone through it as well. Add God and prayer into the mix and she’s all set!

I will not marry a man who cannot provide for his home, but waiting for him to be a billionaire and buy us a house in Banana Island so I can show it off to my friends on Instagram is short sighted.

Sometimes the materialization of a vision tarries. You as a Christian should know this: “For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay”-Habakuk 2:3.

If you quote the bible so much, you should atleast understand its content.