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Inspiration: Aliko Dangote

Your net worth is what you would have in cash if you sold every significant possession and paid off all of your debts

After calculating all Aliko Dangote has, (Please google him for detailed biography) minus his debts, he is still worth $18.3 Billion (EIGHTEEN BILLION, THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS)

This is a lot of money my friends, and he did this without inheritance but from a loan, hard work, a carefully selected team and connecting with the right network

Who are his friends? Former Arsenal Vice chairman David Dein, Forte Oil Plc chairman Femi Otedola, Donald Duke, former governor of Cross Rivers State, Nigeria and Mr. Bill Gates himself (To name a few)

Who are your friends? Are they likely to join you in the billionaire’s club in future? Or they’ll have to “tag” along as you rise?
Alike Dangote is only human. I am sure there are millions of people more intelligent than him but what he has over them is a burning ambition to solve more problems, create quality solutions and be the best and most preferred in his industry

I want to be like Aliko, to wake up with a determination not to go back to sleep the same way, to work smarter and get more disciplined at my vocation, to dream bigger, to be open minded, to remain humble, to work in silence and let only my success speak for me. Most importantly, to believe more in myself

“For they conquer, who believe they can”

John Dryden